Safety Tips on how to visit and enjoy London amid Coronavirus fears


Are you planning on visiting London in the coming weeks or months and are worried about the current situation and considering whether to confirm or postpone your flight? Life in London is carrying on as normal at the moment and let’s hope it keeps this way. So as long as experts say it is safe to come to London we’d recommend not cancelling your holiday but just make sure you take these precautions and you’ll be guaranteed a fantastic time. So here are our top tips to help you stay away from contamination and enjoy a unique London stay. 


1. Avoid rush hour when travelling on public transport 

This is something we recommend at any time of the year, but particularly in this period avoid being crammed into crowded trains or buses as risk of contamination is much higher during peak time even just for a normal cold. Therefore, avoid travelling in and out of London from 7:00 am till 9:30 am and from 4:30 pm till 6:30 pm. 


2. Avoid crowded tourist hot spots

It is highly recommended not to stay close to strangers and in crowded places. Therefore, on top of rush hour, try not to go to London’s most commercial and touristy places like Oxford Street, London Eye or queuing up for The Tower of London or Westminster (you can still admire them from the outside) and all other iconic places where you will be stuck in crowds or in long queues in very close proximity to other people. London is huge and offers so much for everyone. From street art, to nature, to lesser known museums, to panoramic walks, stand out from the crowd and enjoy the most unexpected and alternative neighbourhoods in London and rest assured you won’t regret it and you will have the best time ever! 


3. Walk, walk, walk

There is no better way to explore a city than on foot. So if you can choose between taking a bus, the underground or walk always check possible routes on CityMapper or Google Maps and you’ll be surprised that often the quickest (and of course healthiest) way is to walk from one point to the next. 


4. Wash your hands and avoid direct contact

Everyone is telling us, from Boris Johnson to our neighbours: “make sure you wash your hands well with hot water and soap (weren’t we doing this anyway?) and the “British” recommendation is to sing Happy Birthday twice whilst you wash your hands. Generally speaking try to avoid direct contact with people, like shaking hands or hugging.


5. Avoid big guided tours and treat yourself with your own bespoke private experience, you deserve it! 

Staying in big crowded groups of 20,30 or 40 people for a few hours is one of the best ways to catch germs. So try to avoid big group tours and treat yourself to an exclusive bespoke private guide, who will make you experience the most authentic and unique places in London avoiding crowded places, rush hours and enjoy London’s beautiful nature as well as its best kept secrets that tourists don’t know and where big groups are not allowed to enter. And in most cases this is not as expensive as you think, starting from only £45 each for a group of 4 people. Discover more about hiring your own private guide here

Hope these safety tips can be useful during your stay in London and we wish you a fantastic and safe trip!