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In times where travelling has become more of a dream than a reality, Unexpected London is still here for you. From private or small walking tours to online experiences that can be done from the comfort of your home, we are here to keep making you explore London’s best kept secrets in the most fun and safest way possible.

Forget cliché itineraries and ordinary guides, Unexpected London offers you a brand new way to explore our city through music, art, culture and nature. Not tours, but immersive and authentic experiences, that will make you feel part and not spectator of a London that very few know, whilst supporting local communities and exploring responsibly.

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What We Offer

We offer a brand new way to explore London and its best kept secrets, where your passions and your safety are at the core of everything we do.

Small group experiences

With no more than 6 people per group, we can not only provide a truly intimate and personal experience but we can also easily adapt to new social distancing measures, whilst discovering secret local places that aren’t affected by crowds and tourism. During the experience you will feel as if you are exploring London with a friend, rather than feeling like a visitor.


Music Discovery

Music is a reflection of what’s going on in the hearts and minds of a culture, it’s an expression of its humanity. You can’t truly understand a culture if you don’t listen to its music: this is why music plays a crucial role in all our experiences. From rock to reggae, to jazz, to soul, enjoy London to the rhythm of its best artists of all times, whilst seeing places and hearing anecdotes related to interesting music facts.

Supporting Local Communities

There is no better way to get to know a place than through its people. During our experiences we engage with locals so you can get the true feel and vibe of London and hear it straight from its people, whilst supporting and not invading local communities. We are a company made of people, for people, talking about people.

Our Walking Experiences

Every Unexpected London walk is a lively explosion of music, stories and fun. Wear some comfortable shoes as all experiences are on foot, all to the rhythm of some great music!

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Other Services

Beyond our premium experiences, we provide different services to facilitate visitors in planning their London stay, as well as providing unique and healthy experiences for corporate clients. We do so through private guided tours, fitness tours as well as by providing bespoke plans and virtual itineraries to encourage our clients to also explore London on their own but with all the support of having a local guide at their fingertips.


We are very honoured to rank 14th out of over 1,230 tours in London with an average of 5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor and Google and having been awarded the certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor for the second year running. We are also finalists for Best Activity of the Year at the iNews Staycation Awards.

  • parisbsas4/05/2021
    5 star rating

    A unique experience in London that feels good Savio took us through different neighbourhoods with a friendly, tailored and accessible style. He knows how to use different universes (music, cinema, photos) to make us appreciate street art and... read more

    5 star rating

    Truly and pleasantly unexpected tour! Savio provides you with an immersive experience from the music played throughout to mingling with the locals. He seemingly blends with the tapestry of the community and shows you a... read more

  • imogent89010/12/2020
    5 star rating

    Brixton I've lived in London for most of my life and have always been reasonably curious about my surroundings, and yet Savio has manged both times (I've also been on the... read more

    5 star rating

    Brixton Music and Stories it was fun and very informative, even for Londoners, learnt a lot about Music, was a good afternoon
    thanks Savio, he is very knowledgeable on the subject

  • egtuin9/16/2020
    5 star rating

    An unexpected local friend It was great to learn so much about an area of less than 1 Square mile and it’s living community idea. We loved it and may do it again with... read more

    Paul N9/05/2020
    5 star rating

    Walking experience with street art, history and a great backing track! Savio is obviously not Brixton born and bred, but his passion for the area, its history, music, art and people is undisputed. He has cleverly curated an informative and enjoyable... read more

  • Graham C3/28/2020
    5 star rating

    Excellent Tour of Notting Hill My partner and I did the Notting Hill Tour on 8th March. Savio was an excellent tour guide, who knew a huge amount about the region. He is clearly... read more

    5 star rating

    Savio's Brixton This was my second tour with Savio, already did Nothing Hill with him and we were amazed with the amount of cool, interesting, not in your face information he shared... read more

  • F9893TAfabios3/26/2020
    5 star rating

    Amazing Shoreditch Tour! Whether you are visiting London for the first time or you lived here your whole life, i guarantee that by taking any of the Unexpected London tours you will learn... read more

    Abrar a3/10/2020
    5 star rating

    Brixton with Savio was a great experience We loved experiencing Brixton with Savio.
    Beside Brixton uniqueness Savio is a passionate storyteller with wealth of information about what makes Brixton special...

    Savio is passionate, knowledgeable and welcoming.

    Next time...
    read more

  • Mounira B3/02/2020
    5 star rating

    An experience to remember!! We visited Notting Hill for the first time and booked the experience with Savio to learn more about the neighbourhood. From the first moment he captured our interest with his... read more

    5 star rating

    Organisation of tripadvisor music and activity tour of Brixton accompanied by Savio I booked this undiscovered music, activity and street art tour of Brixton for my niece who moved to Brixton and Streatham Hill a year ago. Savio was absolutely fantastic at... read more

  • Chantelle C3/01/2020
    5 star rating

    Experience round Brixton Really great experience! Savio is friendly, relaxed and makes it feel like an engaging conversation with a knowledgeable friend. Very original tour learning lots about the area and being inspired... read more

    Marle S2/29/2020
    5 star rating

    Hidden gems in Notting Hill This was my third experience with Unexpected London and Savio and it was again wonderful. Savio showed me places I would have never found on my own. We also walked... read more

  • Viridiana P2/15/2020
    5 star rating

    Great walk in Spitalfields Very nice and interesting walk, we heard about historical events in the area and found some cute secret places. It was a great experience I recommend it if you want... read more

    5 star rating

    A great tour run by the very friendly Savio! This was a very interesting and insightful tour run by Savio! We learned about the history of the area as well as about the variety of street art

  • E1624ZXlaural2/07/2020
    5 star rating

    Be Ready For The Best Experience!! Savio is a very smart and passionate host.
    He explained everything I wanted to know in much detail and added music and meetings with locals.
    It was on of the best...
    read more

    Geoff S1/31/2020
    5 star rating

    Knowledge + Talent + Bowie = A great afternoon in Brixton As a fan of Bowie since I was 14 in 1971, I knew the content of this tour was always going to be intersting as the man was a genius.... read more

  • GaryFeedback1/26/2020
    5 star rating

    Intimate, friendly & enjoyable Really enjoyed our experience with the friendly and knowledgeable Savio, who made the experience very personal and informative. We learned a lot about the history of the Shoreditch area... read more

    Kevin M1/21/2020
    5 star rating

    Fall in love with Brixton I have been to London many times, but this was my first time in Brixton and thanks to Savio I realize I've been experiencing London the wrong way up to... read more

  • Jonathan H1/04/2020
    5 star rating

    Cultural and Musical Wonderland If you’re interested in the history of Brixton, one of the most colourful and interesting areas of London and want to see a collection of contemporary and historic street art,... read more

    5 star rating

    Magical Christmas Savio took us through the sparkly Christmas version of London, complete with a soundtrack to set the mood. It was a bit of a workout but all in all, amazing

  • jenniferlW1720NL12/27/2019
    5 star rating

    Shoreditch - The Grittier Side of London This tour started in the more modern area of London which made for an interesting contrast as we walked into the older neighborhood of Shoreditch. I had heard comparisons between... read more

    5 star rating

    Quite interesting neighbourhood Excellent guide, very enthusiastic and passionate by the subject - Brixton and their best representatives - a good walk to learn interesting facts and places with a lot of particular... read more

  • MiraS3312/05/2019
    5 star rating

    Nothing Hill memorable tour Savio made our trip to London memorable! Without him, we would wonder the streets of Nothing Hill, passing the most important sites of the area, without even knowing it! Through... read more

    Paula C11/30/2019
    5 star rating

    Christmas Tour of Covent Garden Loved my tour with Unexpected London, different to my other two tours I’ve done with Savio but yet again I discovered and experienced areas that I never would have gone... read more

  • Blueveglady11/30/2019
    5 star rating

    Experience and learn about the real, 'beyond-the-obvious' London Savio promises "an immersive experience, not a tour". And he absolutely delivers on that. We did the Brixton experience recently, starting out in the comfort of a local... read more

    5 star rating

    The alternative Notting Hill experience Savio gave us a full immersion experience of Notting Hill! I learned so much about this neighborhood that I never would have known just walking around on my own. Of... read more

  • ciritravel11/22/2019
    5 star rating

    We really unexpected London!! Many thanks Savio for your enthusiasm and to let us discover London in a different way, have been a lovely experience and for sure we will join a new tour... read more

    Graciela F11/18/2019
    5 star rating

    Great experience All I can say about the tour is that I just loved it from beginning to end! Savio is much more than a tour guide and the experience is not... read more

  • Vonneke11/04/2019
    5 star rating

    Another wonderful experience by Unexpected London I had such a great time doing the Shoreditch tour, I've decided to book this tour as well. And again, it was an absolutely Unexpected experience! Savio is very connected... read more

    5 star rating

    Superb Tour Savio's genuine curiosity and passion was truly palpable and it was contagious. He introduced himself as a knowledgeable friend, as opposed to a guide which felt like an enormous relief.... read more

  • Nicole G10/28/2019
    5 star rating

    London for a different angle This tour is for travelers who want to meet the locals, hear the stories behind the art, and feel the pulse of this vibrant London neighborhood. Savio is an engaging... read more

    5 star rating

    Highlight of the weekend This was a birthday treat for my mum - who is in her mid-70s with an interest in Banksy. She was skeptical as 3 hours of walking isn’t her idea... read more

  • P1957EMriccardoc10/28/2019
    5 star rating

    To be done again! I had the pleasure of going on 2 tours with Savio from Unexpected London in September. I did both the Canary Wharf and the Secrets of London. Both truly unique... read more

    5 star rating

    Amazing alternative experience in Notting Hill It was more than great, I liked every second of it. Was different from everything I’ve done before, it truly is an experience. I hope many people get the chance... read more

  • DeborahCh10/23/2019
    5 star rating

    The best! This was an amazing experience. Savio was GREAT. No other words needed. We were Mum and 4 grown up daughters and we all enjoyed every moment. Communication also before the... read more

    5 star rating

    Unexpected Notting Hill You will discover hidden gems like true Bansky and Dotmaster street art to the recording studios of Adele and Bob Marley. It was fun having a personal tour guide show... read more

  • Elynnc7810/22/2019
    5 star rating

    Best experience! We met Savio yesterday for our trip around the city and quickly realized how fortunate we were to be walking the streets with him! He showed us so many places,... read more

    5 star rating

    Really good, very different Our own private tour. Really, really liked it. Savio is so knowledgeable and has designed such an enjoyable tour. Very different

  • Queen-Lady-V10/18/2019
    5 star rating

    A 'one of a kind' 'Immersive', 'Experience'!!! :-) Before turning 30, I decided to try out 30 things I have never done before. Like many Londoners, I felt there are areas in my own city of London that... read more

    5 star rating

    Awesome Tour This is an in-depth, personal and insightful experience told through the lense of a young Italian outsider who became a Brixton beloved insider with the Afro-Carribean old school guard of... read more

  • triTrisha10/11/2019
    5 star rating

    Unexpected London - The Ultimate Urban Experience - HOSTED BY SAVIO LOS Taking a walk on the wild side of Savio’s Adventure was a 5 star experience! Famous London Street Art was enhanced by his storytelling and carry-along music. Savio’s selection of... read more

    5 star rating

    Great tour of Brixton Really enjoyed the tour with Savio. Lots of knowledge on the area especially around music. Excellent and different guided tour which was great.

  • 767travelnow10/07/2019
    5 star rating

    The best walking tour (experience) ever! I’ve started takingmore tours in the big cities or at special attractions and I can say that Savio’s bespoke offering far exceeded my expectations. As he says himself - it’s... read more

    Marle S10/07/2019
    5 star rating

    Really great experience I did the Shoreditch walking tour earlier this year and came back to London to do the Brixton experience (among other things). And it was so nice to meet Savio... read more

  • Carolannv167510/04/2019
    5 star rating

    Best London experience I had! This was a wonderful and unique experience and this is NOT a tour!! This is much more than a tour!! Savio is an informative and energetic “friend” who shares street... read more

    5 star rating

    The undiscovered side of Notting Hill You will be getting a unique, intimate and interactive perspective of Notting Hill with the help of Savio.
    If you want to take pictures at iconic places this is not for...
    read more

  • Lucinda W10/02/2019
    5 star rating

    * This was a fantastic experience. I am already recommending it to other people. Savio is so engaging, informative and well, he makes it fun. I loved the use of music... read more

    Ruth K9/26/2019
    5 star rating

    Unexpected Notting Hill Wow! What a fabulous morning we had learning the history of this are through music and street art. Totally recommend this tour with a difference!!

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